No Slimes in Superflat Mod


Get rid of all the slime in your already existing and new maps, you will no longer have to deal withlisteningand getting rid of overpopulated slimes. With this mod youdon’thave to deal with them getting in your way when you are building and what not. Why not put it in peaceful you say well this mod is for those who want to fight other mobs butdon’twant to deal with the slime. At a point in time when i was working on a pokemon map in superflat, i would be building and then one would get in the way and i didnt want to put it on peacful so this mod really helped a lot. If you like slimesdon’tinstall this mod, this mod will eliminate any and all slimes in your game. I personally find the sound that the slime makes a little annoying, so knowing that i can get rid of slimes easily makes me a lot happier. With this mod you no longer have to worry about slimes spawning inside of your structures and being annoying by just being there, like i said this mod is not for those who like slimes. So whether you just want to get rid of them or you just dont like slimes this mod is for you, so enjoy.

Here are some screenshots showcasing the mod2012-11-19_181434_4180632 300px-Flatland

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No Slimes in Superflat Mod

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