No Snow Mod


No Snow Mod – Completely remove all naturally spawning snow, as well as snow biomes with this mod!

Hate snow, and how it covers up everything you made? Want to find a way to remove all the snow? Then this mod has got what you’re looking for!

There are times where I had old worlds, where I built crazy structures in, get ruined because of the new world conversion process changing the biome to that of a snow biome. This was very inconvenient to me because, when I go out to gather materials and food, I usually end up getting lost due to the blizzard, and to make things worse, my houses end up being covered in snow, making it harder to distinguish them from the environment during the blizzard.

That’s where this mod comes into play. Whenever you start a new world with this mod, there will never be a snow biome to be found. If you decide to use this mod on an older world in a snow biome, you will quickly realize that the biome has changed, and the only difference is that there’s snow everywhere. No blizzards or anything.

In my opinion, the main selling point of this mod is that it almost guarantees that older, pre-anvil worlds will not be regenerated in a snow biome. If you dislike the snow, or just want to be able to convert your world with peace of mind, then this mod is for you. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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No Snow Mod

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