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Nyan Cat Mod – Add the lovable flying pop-tart cat into the game with this mod!

I absolutely adoreNyancat. I always found the cat to be incredibly cute, and at the same time, I reallythoughtit was really cool. In addition, that catchy tune that played when theNyancat was flying was incredibly catchy. I don’t know about you, but I ended up waking to that song playing in my head. It almost because an annoyance, but I really enjoyed it, so it wasn’t too bad.Unfortunately, I could never recreate that experience in Minecraft.

That was the case, until I found theNyan Cat Mod. TheNyan Cat Mod is a mod that adds the famous Nyan cat into the game. Just like any other animal, the Nyan cat is an entity. The cool part about this cat, however, is that as soon as you spawn him by creating the egg (crafting recipe below), he will start playing the Nyan Cat theme song! Pretty cool right? It doesn’t stop there, however! In addition to playing, the music, you can also right click to ride him!

Even though this mod doesn’t have much of a use survival-wise, this mod is pretty nice nevertheless. Who wouldn’t want to be able to theoretically travel through space on Nyan Cat’s back, all in Minecraft? I know that I wouldn’t miss thatopportunityfor anything in the world! With the music playing as well? I know that I’ll be getting this mod for sure!

Inconclusion this mod is very well made, and is recommended for anyone who like the Nyan cat, and would really like to have the cat, along with the catchy tune, added into Minecraft, or would just like to try something new.

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Nyan Cat Mod

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