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Ohyea’s Biome mod – Enhance your worlds with Ohyea’s Biome mod! Mushrooms, flowers, and amazing mountains everywhere!

Since the 1.8 (Beta) update, Minecrafts biomes have greatly improved. Players were introduced to much larger biomes, and taller mountains. In 1.0, we were introduced to the extremely rare Mushroom Biome, which can only be found in oceans. However, many players still feel that there is some lack towards the beauty of biomes. Ohyeas Biome mod is a simple fix for that problem.

Ohyeas Biome mod is a very simple plugin that renders Minecraft biomes much differently than normal. This mod basically takes biomes to the extreme! Some mountains reach to the sky, others have hidden caves in their sides with underground lakes in them. One will never run out of food, for there tall mushrooms, along with flowers, are rendered everywhere! NPC Villages are much easier to find, and are larger than normal. Forests have a thick canopy where you cannot even see the sky!

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Ohyea’s Biome mod

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