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The new crafting recipe in Minecraft calls for leather. At the same token, however, mobs in Minecraft are now much more rare compared to how they once were, and this can pose to be quite a big problem. In the end, you will have to go around killing cows and stuff, just to make a bookcase, or books in general. This will result in a massive loss of mobs in the general area, and no mobs means that it will be harder to find food when you really need it.

Luckily, there’s a mod that fixes this, and that mod is called theOld Books Mod. TheOld Books Mod is a mod that changes the crafting recipe of books so that it resembles the old crafting recipe that books once had. this means that you no longer require leather in order to craft books, meaning that you can now spare those precious cows in the area.

This mod is useful for survival, especially the beginning stages of it. In the beginning stages of survival, cows provide leather and steaks. The thing is, however, leather is better used as armor at this point in time, as opposed to making books. this can prove to be quite troublesome, mainly because books are essential for some crafting recipes, and the lack of leather will hinder this process later on. With this mod, you now have the best of both worlds, all without having to slay cows for an unjust reason.

All in all, theOld Books Modis a very nice mod, despite its simplicity. In my opinion, Mojang shouldn’t have changed the crafting recipe to begin with, as it was already fine. Thanks to this mod, you will no longer have to fuss with Mojang about this. Anyways, if you would like the old crafting recipe back for books, then this mod is for you.

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