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Leaves with Minecraft have been proved to be very inefficient. For example, if you look into a tree, you will see that each and every leaf of the tree is actually rendering. this is really wasteful, and can be really taxing on the system. Did you know, that with the current configuration of the leaves, Minecraft is actually running at such a taxing state, that you are losing almost 3x the performance you should be getting? If only there was a way to fix this.

Luckily, there’s the OptiLeaves Mod. TheOptiLeaves Mod is a mod that makes it so leaves on the inside of a tree cease to render. This makes it so it’s much less taxing on your system, but at the same time, still maintains the look of Minecraft, meaning that your game will still look fairly similar to what it once was, but less performance taxing. The effect you get is similar to what you get when you look through glass in a sense.

Even though this mod is and for performance gains, this mod is actually a pretty good mod when it comes to survival as well.since the smog makes it so the inner leaves do not render, states that there is much less foliage when it comes to your trees and bushes. This means that you can people from a distance behind a thick shrub, or tree, and then you realize you’re spying on them, unless they have this mod installed as well.

All in all, theOptiLeaves Modis a pretty nice mod, mainly because of the performance gains, but if you would like suede upper hand in player versus player combat servers, without having to cheat really, this mod is for you.

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OptiLeaves Mod

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1.6.4 1.7.10
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