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Not getting the painting you desire in minecraft? Well with thePainting Selection GUI Mod you can select whichever painting you want. All you have to do is once you have installedPainting Selection GUI Mod, you craft a painting place it on whichever wall you want decorated, once you place it down it will open a GUI screen and from there you can pick whichever painting you want. You can also make custom paintings by customizing you kz.png folder and it will display them in game. So now thanks to thePainting Selection GUI Mod you can customize your very own paintings and you no longer have tofrustrateoverwaitingfor the correct painting to show up. Here is a little trick you can do since you can now pick what painting you want, what you do is create a hole as big as you want as long as you can walk through it, then you place signs on the inside of the entrance and the you place a large painting on it and you will be able to walk through the painting. That is hoe you make a secret door, you can also make customized picture of a minecraft door and place it like a door and you can trick your friends.



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Painting Selection GUI Mod

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