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I’ve always loved dinosaurs as a child. It seemed so fascinating that there were once extremely large lizards and reptiles that inhabited the land we stand on today, millions of years ago. Sure, some of the dinosaurs were aggressive, and we most likely wouldn’t stand a chance against them, but the thought of being able to live beside them sound pretty nice, and the possibility of being able to domesticate them in order to use them for tasks and chores sounds pretty nice to me. Sadly, all of this is just a dream now, considering that dinosaurs are extinct.

Luckily, it’s still possible to experience something like this in Minecraft with thePaleoCraft Mod. This mod, dubbed the “dinosaur mod”, or the “prehistoric mod”, is a mod that adds a variety of prehistoric elements into Minecraft. This includes several herbivorous as well as carnivorous dinosaurs, megalodon to inhabit the waters, and even new biomes as well!

One might say, “This is nice and all, but I kind of don’t want to have dinosaurs on my normal world. They might break some of my creations.” Luckily for you, this mod actually takes advantage of dimensions, rather than just placing dinosaurs into the overworld. All you need to do in order to access the prehistoric dimension is to create a nether dimension portal, but rather than using obsidian, you will need to use mossy cobblestone, and after that, mine for some fossils, and right click the inside of the shape. The portal should now have a green portal entrance (as opposed to the purple portal entrance the nether has). Once you’re inside, you will notice that the dinosaur world is strikingly similar to the overworld. If you look closer, however, you will notice that there are quite a few changes to the terrain and biomes in general, and there will be several new items for you to look out for.

This mod is pretty good for survival enthusiasts that would like to see more of a challenge in Minecraft as well. Sure, some of the dinosaurs aren’t hostile towards you, but if you act hostile to them, they will fight back, and when they fight back, they hit hard – some of the dinosaurs will take out half of your health in one hit. This applies to all of the hostile dinosaurs as well. To put into comparison, zombies deal about half of what these dinosaurs deal, and on top of that, these dinosaurs have more health as well. This should prove to be quite challenging, even for the seasoned Minecraft survivalist. After a while though, you will eventually find a way to counter these dinosaurs, but that will take a while to do.

In addition to surviving, you can also tame most of the dinosaurs as well if you want, and they will essentially act like dogs. The only difference, however, is that most of the dinosaurs will do a lot of damage, and some of the dinosaurs should be able to slay anything in about two hits, if not one. This means that fighting hordes of zombies will no longer be as risky as it was before.

All in all, this prehistoric mod is pretty nice, and is recommended for anyone who would like to add dinosaurs into their game .

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