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I hate it when I create concerts and clubs in Minecraft, only to find out that they look so bland, mainly due to the lack of particle effects. When you go to concerts in real life, you will see smoke, fire, and strobing lights everywhere. It’s fairly easy to recreate the strobing lights in Minecraft, but for particle effects, it’s impossible to create nice looking ones on demand, unless fireworks are good enough for you.

Thanks to theParticle Decoration Mod, this is no longer an issue! TheParticle Decoration Mod is a mod that makes it so you can craft a device that will shoot particles out in a vertical motion, giving off a “steamy” effect. This mod is very useful for those times where you are making a music video for YouTube involving only Minecraft, and would like to achieve extraordinary effects without having to put any special effects in your video through specialized software, such as After Effects or Sony Vegas.

This mod may not serve much of a purpose survival-wise, but it can serve as waypoints if you want it to. For example, let’s say that you want to venture off from home. With this mod, you can set an easy to identify landmark on the ground, allowing you to locate your home without having to have a compass or a map.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice. As stated before, this mod is more of an aesthetic mod, rather than a survival mod, but if aesthetics are what you’re aiming for, then this mod is definitely a nice add to your collection.


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Particle Decoration Mod

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