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Inventory space has always been a problem in Minecraft. After a long session of mining underground, your inventory space will nationally fill up with debris such as dirt, stone, and other various sorts of useless blocks. This can be quite troublesome, mainly because inventory space is really crucial when it comes to mining. What makes this worse, is the fact that you will need about 3 to 4 separate tools in order to proficiently mine. Those include shovels, pickaxes, and axes, depending on where you’re at.

Thankfully though, there’s thePaxel Mod. ThePaxel Mod is a mod that combines the three main tools to form one ultimate tool that can mine through almost anything. What makes this toll is that there are also different tiers to them, similar to how normal tools are. This means that if you make a diamond paxel, you can mine through even obsidian with said tool.

This mod is incredibly useful for the survival game mode, particularly when it comes to mining. normally, the tools needed would take up at least three inventory slots. Thanks for this mod, you will only take up one inventory slot, and the other two saved slots are free, which could potentially be diamonds, Redstone stacks, or even iron stacks.

all in all, thePaxel Mod a pretty nice by, and is recommended for avid minors who like to mine alive, but find it troublesome to carry several different tools at once, and would like to change this somehow.

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