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Mining in Minecraft can be very hard at times, especially with the new updates, where mobs spawn more frequently, and zombies can call for support now. Even though going straight to peaceful would solve this problem, a better solution would be just to make mining slightly easier by making it automatically brighter, allowing for less mobs to spawn.

This is what the peaceful caving mod was created. The peaceful caving mod is a mod that makes it so caves are more lit up, as opposed to the darkness that was once there. This mod does so by modifying the existing lighting system, as well as making it so ores light the adjacent area up. This means that the area for mobs to spawn at is less frequent, and that mobs will no longer be able to ambush you in ravines with lava floors.

This mod is very useful for people who would like to make mining easier. In addition to the lesser amount of mobs spawning, this mod also makes ores light up, meaning that funny ores is much easier now, compared to what it once was before. For example, let’s say that you run out of torches in the middle of a mining expedition. Rather than having to go back, you can just find sources of light, and there you have it, ores!

All in all, peaceful caving mod is fairly nice mod, and is recommended for anyone who would like to make mining easier, as well as make it less dangerous at the same time.

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Peaceful Caving Mod

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