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Pet Bats Mod- Ever wanted to be able to tame a bat that will become just as loyal as a wolf, all in Minecraft? Then this mod is for you!

ThePet Bats Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to tame a bat in Minecraft. The bat is almost just like a wolf, with the exception of the fact that it flies. This includes following you around, attacking mobs, and acting like a pet. Did I mention that this mod also makes it so the bats are on a leveling system similar to pokemon? Well now you know! This mod makes it so the bats gain more experience the more combatexperienceit gets. All you need to do is hit a mob and let the bat attack it. At first, the bat is weak, and only does about 1 heart of damage. Once it reaches max level, however, it will obliterate any mob it comes across.

In order to see what level your bat is, you will have to have him in your hand, and right click him. We’ll get into more of that later though. In order to tame a bat, you will first have to craft pumpkin pie and find a bat. Just beat the pumpkin pie into the ground to attract the bats, and right click them to start the taming process. This is significantly harder than taming a wolf because of the fact that the bats move in a rapid andsporadicfashion. Once you tame the bat though, it will start to follow you.

Now to talk about that part where you have the bat in your hand. Once you tame a bat, it will follow you. However, once you stop walking, it will attempt to dock to a nearby block, mainly because it is lazy like that. After it is docked, you can left click the bat, and it will fall in your inventory (no I am not trolling you or trying to make you kill your bat). After that, you can right-click with the bat in your hand to change the name and check the stats. You can release the bat again by pressing “Q”. To feed the bat, just drop some pumpkin pie on the ground and it will eat it up.

Oh no! That nasty skeleton killed your bad! Easy fix. The bat will return into your inventory, but it will not be able to deploy just yet. You will have to place the bat into the crafting table along with some pumpkin pie, and it will be fully healed again. It’s better than wolves!

All in all, this mod is a great mod for anyone who would like to have a pet bat that works off of anexperiencesystem in Minecraft. Now for some videos of the mod.

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Pet Bats Mod

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