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Imagine you are in a Pokemon world. The vivid landscape, the friendlyPokemon, and the motivated trainers everywhere, ready to battle whenever. Now imagine this in Minecraft. Impossible, you say? Well think again! The pixelmon mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds variousPokemonfrom the first, second, and third generations, and also adds gym badges, pokeballs, potions, and even apricorn trees from the original Pokemon games! Nostalgia over the good old days of Pokemon once more!

To start using this mod, you will have to install it first. Afterwards, just open any previous world you have, or start a new world if you must. Afterwards, there will be a GUI that will ask you to choose whichPokemonyou would like to start off with. I would personally choose Charmander because I’m a sucker for firePokemon. Anyways, after that, you are ready to start your journey as a Pokemon trainer! You will encounter various trainers and Pokemon along the way.

To battle a Pokemon or a Pokemon trainer, just release your Pokemon from its pokeball by pressing “P”. Be sure to aim at what you want to battle though in order to trigger the battle. After that, you will immediately realize the GUI that pops up, as it’s the original GUI from all the Pokemon games! After that, just engage in a battle just like you would in Pokemon.

You can always catch the wild Pokemon if you want to by crafting Pokeballs (shown in the video below). You can bring their health down by either using your Pokemon, or as how I do it, hit the Pokemon with a sword until it’s about to faint and capture it with an ultra ball. This is very effective because I managed to get a level 43 Kingler, and all I had was a level 5 Charmander. I completely destroyed everything after that. You will have just as good luck as I did, no doubt!

All in all, this mod is a great mod for anyone who would like to experience Pokemon in Minecraft, and this mod is also good for anyone who would like to have some form of companion (aside from a wolf of course) with them throughout their adventure in Minecraft. If you can get past some of the annyoing bugs that come with this mod, then you should definitely download this mod now. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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