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Thanks to this Mod, I can now roam the Minecraft land! Here’s the catch though – I can roam the land in style. This is all thanks to Flan’s Plane Mod!

As the name highly suggests, the plane mod is a mod that adds planes in Minecraft. However, the plane mod is very World War 2 oriented, meaning that all of the planes have some sort of resemblance to the American and German World War 2 war planes. Since they are war planes though, this also means you can arm the planes with machine gun ammunition, bombs, and napalm strikes. but what really makes the Flan’s plane mod shine is it’s multiplayer support! This means you can have some heated dog fights with your friends! However, you may be wondering what the people on the ground can do. Not to worry! You can make them Anti Aircraft guns! Just craft them with a simple crafting recipe, craft the Anti Aircraft shells, place the Anti Aircraft guns on the ground, right click it, and you’re ready to take down some war planes! Everyone can be happy with the plane mod!

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Plane Mod

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