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Portal 2 Gels Mod – Ever thought to yourself that the repulsion and propulsion gels in Portal 2 were so cool that you wanted them in Minecraft? Then this mod is definitely for you!

The Portal 2 Gels Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds the repulsion and propulsion gels in-game. You know, the orange and blue gels or liquids, whichever you like to call them. Most of you already know what these gels are, but we’ll just give you a quick rundown of what they are in case you have never played Portal 2 before. The propulsion gel in Portal 2 is the orange gel that speeds your player up as you run across it. The repulsion gel is the blue gel that makes everything that touches it bounce off.

Anyways, this mod essentially takes the gels concept from the Portal 2 gels, and it executes it very well. The propulsion gel does, in fact, speed your player up very fast just like in Portal 2, and the repulsion gel can be jumped on from a very high distance and you won’t take any fall damage. In addition to that, the force is the same also. This means that however high you fall on it, is going to be the same height you will go up. The water also plays the same role here, where it erase any gel it comes in contact with. So be careful with water! Here’s the crafting recipes of the mod:

As you can see, crafting the materials required is a bit expensive, but it’s worth it though. To use the gels, just use them like you would with a water and lava bucket. Anyways, you may have also noticed a box looking thing in the crafting recipes too. This is the “F Laboratories Pipe”. What this does, is when powered by redstone, will drop anything that was inside of it. If the item inside of it was a liquid, the bucket will remain intact while the liquid will fall.

I would like to take this time to say that if any of you have good experience with making maps, you should seriously recreate all of Portal 2, while also incorporating the “Portal 2 Gun Mod“. Now for some screenshots.

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Portal 2 Gels Mod

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