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Radar Mod – Track all of the mobs near you, and become the PVP king of the server you go on! No more sudden ambushes by the enemy team!

I hate being ambushed by creepers, zombies, and skeletons, especially when I’m at low health. It’s downright hard to get away from a creeper that had time to ignite itself for 2 seconds, and even if you try, it’s almost impossible to get out undamaged. If you’re on hard, a creeper blast right next to you can mean sudden death.

Thanks to this mod, you can prevent that! Anyways, the radar mod is a mod that does exactly what it says, meaning that it provides a radar that gives you detailed information about the world around you. This goes from apple drops, to even other players! Yeah, that’s right! you can even track players! Not only can you survive against creeper ambushed, but you can also tell if a player is coming toward you! As you can tell by the current description, this mod isincrediblyuseful when it comes to the survival game type.

For example, let’s say you are in a PVP faction on a really big server, where factions are constantly at war. Your faction can get ambushed at any minute. With this mod installed, you can be the intelligence for your faction, and you can tell your faction whenever another faction is coming. All in all, this mod is great, and is an absolute necessity for all PVP players, or people who are sick of being ambushed by mobs.

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Radar Mod

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