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New armor, weapons and…. Penguins await you within the Rancraft penguin mod, this mod adds twelve penguins into your game, and weapons and armor. The types of penguins that are added by this mod are the emperor penguin which can be tamed with fish, the king penguin, the yellow eyed penguin,Magellanic Penguin, theGalapagospenguin, the chinstrap penguin, theGentoopenguin, theAdeliepenguin, the white flippered penguin, the little blue penguin, the flame penguin which spawns in the nether, and the ninja penguin. Each of these penguins spawn in groups and in specific locations, they are neutral animals until you hit them and then they will attack. Some of the penguins are more lethal than others so take caution, each penguin has specific drops for example the king penguin may drop a crown, and a little blue penguin may frop a blue feather upon death. Penguin armor can have a variety of affects, you can swim faster, fly and etc., one of the mostusefulweapon is the Flame Penguin Repeater it is similar to a bow and it shoots regular arrow s butis fully automatic. There are a lot more items that you can find and take from penguins, you can create a herd of tamed penguins to follow you as you explore the icy planes of minecraft. I am not sure if penguins will assist you in battle like wolves but still they would make a great pet and friend to have on your long journeys across the world.



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Rancraft Penguins Mod

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1.7.10 1.7.2
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