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Rapid Fire Bow Mod – Ever wanted to shoot your bow rapidly, just like how it was when Minecraft was still in beta? Then this mod is for you!

TheRapid Fire Bow Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to live the good old Minecraft beta (pre-adventure update) and Minecraft alpha days. There is a slight twist though, in that the crafting recipe will be much more expensive, in that it requires two diamonds in order to craft it. On the flip side though, the bow will have a much higher durability than the old fashion bow, and every single arrow fired will be acriticalhit. However, unlike the old version, you will still aim down the sights of the bow, but only for a split second. I believe that this is because the game’s code forces you to aim down the sights. Anyways, the crafting recipe is as follows:

Kind of expensive, but that’s so it’s not overpowered. After all, two to three critical arrows can pretty much kill anything in the game, and this bow can fire a whole stack of arrows in about 10 seconds. All in all, I would recommend this mod to you if you enjoyed firing the bow in rapid succession, just like how it was in the old Minecraft days. Now for some videos of the mod.

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Rapid Fire Bow Mod

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