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Recipe Book Mod


Name Recipe Book Mod
Date Added December 13, 2016
Article By BlueOrchard
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Mod Author PanKJ
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Article By BlueOrchard

December 13, 2016

Recipe Book – Ever scratch your head thinking, “How do I craft that item again?” Well, with the help of this mod, you won’t ever have to exit Minecraft to find out ever again!

The recipe book mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds book that has all of the possible crafting recipes inside of it. The items inside the recipe book can’t be touched, but are there just so you know how to craft a specific item. This is very useful if you are new to Minecraft, have a hard time remembering recipes in Minecraft, or if you just forgot how to craft that one item. In order to craft the book, just place an ink sac (can be obtained by killing a squid) right next to a book. In order to access the book, right click it while it’s in your hand. In order to navigate around the recipe book, use the left mouse button to go to the next recipe and use the right mouse button to go to the previous recipe. It’s that simple!

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Here's a video of the Recipe Book Mod in action.

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