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Recycle Iron Mod- Ever craft too many iron doors? Don’t need that compass anymore? Well it’s your iron, use it when you need it! With this mod, you can get back the iron that you put in certain objects!

With the awareness of pollution and the wasting of materials, the world is starting to crack down on factory regulations, and means of production. Minecraft has also noticed this problem, so it has decided to do something about this severe problem. The Recycle Iron mod is somewhat complex, however it allows Minecraft to become a lot more flexible than it use to be in terms of crafting. No one will ever have to regret making that extra iron door ever again without this mod.

This mode basically acts like arevers-erforcertainitems that were crafted from iron. With this mod, you can revert compasses, iron doors, empty bucket, iron bars, detector rails, and regular rails back into iron ingots, and iron chunks. Iron chunks are the product from iron bars and regular minetrack. Three iron chunks make an iron ingot, so it’s kind of like making bread…except it’s medal. Personally, I think this plugin is great! As said earlier, it makes the game much more flexible in terms of crafting. Some people may call it “cheating”, however, I look at it as being resourceful and conservative to the Minecraft world.

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Recycle Iron Mod

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