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Reptile Mod – Liven up your swamp biome, and Minecraft in general with amphibious creatures!

So you’re a fan of reptiles, but you’re also a fan of Minecraft.Unfortunately, Mojang never added any reptilian mods into the game, causing a void in your heart. Luckily for you, you can now install a mod that will add reptiles in your game! And that mod is, you guessed it, the reptile mod! the reptile mod adds 13 new mobs into the game, each with their own specific abilities. Here are the names andcharacteristicsof those 13 mobs:

Monitor Lizard Family

  • Komodo Dragon
    • Dark Green.
    • Eats sheep, pigs and chicken.
    • Drops leather and beef.
    • Tamable.
    • Still very dangerous no matter what really.
    • Watch out for them!
  • Savanna Monitor Lizard
    • Blueish-Grey.
    • Eats pigs and chicken.
    • Drops leather and beef.
    • Tamable.
    • Non-hostile towards players.
  • Desert Monitor Lizard
    • Brown with red eyes.
    • Similar to the Savanna monitor lizard in nature.
  • Perentie Monitor Lizard
    • Grey with brown eyes.
    • Similar to the Savanna monitor lizard and Desert monitor lizard in nature, with the exception of the fact that it drops eggs rather than leather and beef.
  • Lace Monitor Lizard
    • Black, with checkered patter on back. Red eyes.
    • Similar to the Perentie Monitor lizard in nature.

Crocodile/Alligator Family

  • Crocodile
    • Ranges from dark to light-green.
    • Attacks cows, sheeps, pigs, and players.
    • Spawns only in swamp biomes.
    • Hard to kill. Be prepared for a slightly long battle when you encounter one of these.
  • Large Crocodile
    • Brownish color.
    • Same as a crocodile by nature, but is slightly larger.
  • Alligator
    • Black with green eyes.
    • Same as a crocodile by nature, but has a different color.

Turtle/Tortoise Family

  • Desert Tortoise
    • Yellow and brown with black eyes.
    • Only spawns in the desert biomes.
    • You can tame them along with breeding them with any type of flower.
  • Giant Tortoise
    • Ranges from green to dark green with redish eyes.
    • Spawns in any place that isn’t covered in snow.
    • Similar to the Desert tortoise in nature, meaning that they can be tamed and bred with flowers.
  • Small Turtle
    • Light green with black eyes.
    • Similar to the giant tortoise in nature and spawning habitats.


  • Chameleon
    • Green with red, yellow, rand red patterns all over.
    • Spawns in forest and jungle biomes.
  • Iguana
    • Just green.
    • Similar in nature and spawning habitats to the chameleon.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of reptiles that have been added in the game!

All in all, this mod is a great mod for any fan of reptiles out there, or anybody who would like to change their game up slightly with more mobs of a different sort. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Reptile Mod

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Compatible Minecraft Version
1.9 1.8
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