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Retro Fences Mod – Bring back the old fences that don’t stock to block with this mod! Recommended for people who created their buildings before the recent updates!

Has it ever bugged you how the recent updates made the fences in Minecraft stick to almost everything? Sure, this may be a nice feature and all, but there are times where you just wish it doesn’t do that. For example, let’s say you’re making a support beam next to a corner. Due to the recent updates, the fences will look like they stuck onto the wall.

Thanks to this mod, this no longer happens. The retro fences mod is a mod that makes it so fences no longer stick to anything at all, besides other fences, just like how it was before the adventure update. Even though it’s a minor aesthetic change, it can also be the difference between day and night. As stated above, the support beam just look like a piece of wood stuck onto a wall. If you were toinstallthis mod, the fence will no longer take form with the wall, and look like a proper support beam.

All in all, this mod is purely for aesthetics. There is literally no survival use of this, unless looking at unclinged fences gives you motivation to perform better in-game. If, by all means, that’s you, then this mod is recommended for you. Other than that, if you just find the clingy fences to be annoying, then this mod is also for you.

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Retro Fences Mod

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