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Ropes Plus Mod – Ever wanted to climb to the top of something, but building ladders is too tedious and tiresome? Then you should check this mod out!

The Ropes Plus Mod is a mod for Minecraft throw rope that you can climb up on. This mod is particularly useful for when you don’t have enough wood to craft the amount of letters needed, or if you want to reenact scenes of your favorite character and those action movies.This mod includes 303′s elemental arrows mod, SDK’s grappling hook idea, and DJRoslin’s rope mod, and makes them all work together.

as stated before, this mod is pretty useful. For example, let’s say you’re being chased by a bunch of creepers at night. You don’t have a sword to defend yourself, and if you were to stay and fight, you would be blown to bits. However, you brought your grappling hook with you, and there’s a pretty high ledge you’re right. What you could do is throw the grappling hook at the ledge, and try to distract the creepers while you’re waiting for rope to come down. after that, just run full speed towards the rope and climb it. After you’re done climbing it, just destroy a grappling hook to get it back and just scurry along home like nothing happened!

If you want to know the crafting recipes of the mind, just visit the official forms post (link below). Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Ropes Plus Mod

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