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Minecraft is very fun, but sometimes, it lacks an RPG element. I mean, it has one, but only has it up to an extent. Some people dislike RPG elements, but it shouldn’t be completely discarded. Minecraft would be more fun if it had a slightly more prominent RPG atmosphere in my opinion. Who wouldn’t want to be able to use special powerups to slay high level mobs, all while leveling up from slaying them?

Introducing theRPG Inventory Mod! TheRPG Inventory Mod is a mod that makes it so there’s a more prominent RPG atmosphere in the game. The mod does this by adding several new items in the game, as well as overhauling the default inventory screen to cater towards the RPG elements. Now, when you open your inventory, you should be able to add capes, powerups, gloves, shields, and much more.

This mod doesn’t stop there, however. In addition to the overhauled inventory, and the new items, this mod also adds several new types of armor and classes to make the mod even more fun, as well as increasing its replay value greatly. For example, if you choose to become the berserker class, and craft all of the items needed in order to do so, you can unlock a new superpower which allows you to slay any mob in a given radius. This should definitely help you out in sticky situations involving hordes of zombies.

All in all, theRPG Inventory Mod is a pretty nice mod, and is recommended for anyone who would like to add a more RPG-like atmoshpere in their game, or would generally just like more items.

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RPG Inventory Mod

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