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I always loved mystical games where you set forth on adventure, uncover lost ruins, and even find enchanted items used for creating items, or even making items stronger! Sadly, Minecraft only has this up to a basic level, rather than a deeper level; basically, it’s too shallow, and needs some work.

Thankfully, there’s theRunic Dust Mod! TheRunic Dust Mod is a mod that adds all of the above, and adds even more on top of that! In order to use the Runic Dust Mod, you will first have to create a Runic Tome, which can be crafted by placing a piece of runic dust (more into that later) with a book. With the Runic Tome, you can find what all the runes are, and what they do, all just by crouching, and then right-clicking the Tome.

After you find a rune recipe that you want to make, acquire all the runes needed (you can find more information on acquiring runes through the video below). After that, etch the rune recipe into the ground using the runes and items required by the rune recipe. After that, just right click the etch with the runic tome, and you should have yourself a fully functional runic tool!

All in all, this mod is amazing, and a ton of thought has been put into it. In my opinion, this mod is one of the best mods I have ever encountered, mainly because of how unique it is. If you love technical-esque mods, then this mod is for you.


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Runic Dust Mod

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