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Rust Monster Mod – Make mining in your game a lot harder with this mod! No longer will you be safe with just iron armor and weapons!

Mining in Minecraft has gotten too easy. The underground creepers, at first, may seem kind of hard to fend off, but after you acquire armor, creepers are practically nothing. Sure, there are occasional lava pits, but if you’re smart enough at mining, lava isn’t even a problem.

That’s where the rust monster mod comes into play. The Rust Monster mod is a mod that adds a new mob into your game called the rust monster. This mob dwells deep in the mines, and is seldom seen out in the open. The mob feeds on iron and gold ore, though it prefers iron more. In addition to that, the mob itself is actuallyneutral that is, until you decide to startle it.

There are two ways you can startle this mob. For one, you can attack it, and it will fight back, similar to how zombie pigmen and wolves are. This is the traditional way. The other way is through wearing iron or gold armor. Did you remember when I said that this mob eats metals? You wearing them is not an exception. If the Rust Monster spots you wearing armor, or evenwieldingsomething metal, the monster will brutally attack you.

Likewise, however, there’s two way to get away from this mob. The first way would be to not fight back, but rather drop and iron ingot on the floor. The mob will be distracted for a moment in an attempt to eat up the iron ingot. You can then get away in peace. The other way is to fight, and hope you don’t get slain in the process. Keep in mine that using an ironswordon this mob will also deteriorate the sword faster in the process. If you get slain, you will drop all your items, and this mob will happily devour all of your metal items.

In conclusion, this mod is a great mod, and isdefinitelyvery unique. I would recommend this mod for anyone whowouldlike to increase the difficulty of mining expeditions.

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Rust Monster Mod

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