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Salt Mod – Lacking some sodium chloride in your Minecraft experience? Prepare to clog your arteries in style!

The salt mod requires almost no further explanation than the name suggests, believe me. Essentially it adds salt to the list of block types, made by salt dust, the latter of which is also added in this mod. Salt dust is crafted by smelting a bucket of water in a furnace. This mod, as simple as it is, is interesting in that it adds features that really seem plausible for the vanilla Minecraft experience. Regardless, it seems as if it is something from a beta remnant or a soon to be added feature.

The latest version of this mod also adds salted fish, created with salt dust and a cooked fish. Planned features include the ability to combine salt with other food items from the vanilla game, such as chicken or beef. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?

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Salt Mod

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