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Sandwiches Mod – Bored of all the same noms? Ready to add some flare to Steve’s diet? Then download this Mod! Fish, pork, turkey, steak, and pb&j included!

A proper diet consists of vegetables, fruits, protiens, and carbohydrates. Steve’s diet consists of proteins, and carbohydrates. Notice a problem here? No wonder why Steve dies of hunger so fast! His diet is very unbalanced. That, and he only has a vartiety of eight things! But don’t worry Steve! Exline is here to save the day, yet again, with another one of their brilliant mods! (so many !)

The Sandwich Mod is not very complicated, however it is very useful. This mod adds some new and creative foods to Steve’s diet! It increases the creativity level of Minecraft tremendously by adding sandwiches to the game. If you have bread, glass, and vines, you can make a pb&j swandwich! The materials required to make sandwiches are not too hard to obtain, but they aren’t as easy as the Helicopter mod. In this mod, you are able to create penut butter and jelly (pb&j), pork, fish, turkey, and steak sandwiches. Each sandwich effects your level of hunger differently (see forum post for more info).

I am hoping that this mod is made for servers. I can’t wait to see a female player’s reaction when their survival buddy says, “Make me a sandwich (place trollface here).”

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Sandwiches Mod

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