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Finding ores can be quite a hard task, especially for beginners. The thing is, if you aren’t in a cave system, or A ravine, chances are, finding ores such as iron can be quite hard, and will take much longer than necessary in order to find and mine. By the time you mine enough iron for a full set of iron armor, you would already be hitting diamonds if you were to have found a ravine, or a cavern.

That’s why the scenter mod came to be. The scenter mod is a mod that makes it so you can tell if there’s an ore or precious mineral nearby. This is useful for those times where you’re forced to mine the traditional way, as opposed to mining through the use of cave systems. This mod makes it so a stream of particles will shoot out of you if you’re near an ore, essentially leading you to the ore.

This mod is very useful when it comes to the survival game mode, and especially Useful when it comes to the survival multiplayer game mode. With this mod, you should be able to fine ores at a faster rate compared to others, all without looking too suspicious, and at the same time, maintaining the fun or mining in multiplayer.

All in all, the scenter mod is a pretty nice mod, and is recommended for anyone who would like to make finding ores in Minecraft easier, and at the same time, maintaining the fun of mining, as well as decreasing levels of suspicion when it comes to multiplayer. Just remember, we do not support cheating, but we also do not mine if you choose to cheat, or gain a slight advantage In mining. Just have fun!

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