SDK’s Gun Mod


SDK’sGun Mod – Probably the best gun mod ever for Minecraft. You can prevent those creepers from blowing up your house safely now!

Imagine running through a forest at night in Minecraft, on hard, and only armed with an iron sword. Then suddenly, you get ambushed by three creepers! You manage to take one out, but then the other two take you out. Now imagine if you were armed with an M4 and a Flamethrower! Things would turn out very differently, and the whole forest might be destroyed too! Anyways, SDK’sGun Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds a few of the modern weapons in Minecraft. Of those weapons includes the M4, the MP5, the AK-47, and the Desert Eagle. Although those four guns pretty much seal the deal if you’re deciding to get the mod or not,SDK’sGun Mod adds more than just those four. You can tell which guns have been added in the mod by checking the list out below.

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SDK’s Gun Mod

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