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Animals in Minecraft are really nice. So nice, that sometimes, you might want to be them. Imagine being in an Ender Dragon flying around your map, wreaking havoc everywhere, or, being a pig, and sneaking past zombies and skeletons. How useful that would be, not having to engage all of the hostile mobs that you see. You could now mine freely, without having to worry about fighting skeletons, zombies, or even creepers.

“What kind of mine is this?” You may ask. This mod is other none other than theShape Shifter Z Mod. TheShape Shifter Z Mod mod that allows you to shape shift into any of the mobs in Minecraft, all with the click of a button. That’s not it though. This one also gives all of the mob’s unique features, such as Shape shifting into herobrine with give you times the normal strength you had as Steve.

This mod is incredibly useful for survival game mode of Minecraft. This model allows you to shape shift into a pig, which in turn allows you to produce cooked pork without having to find any more pigs. This is especially useful for those times where you run out of food somehow, and food is scarce on top of that.

All in all, the Shape Shifter Z Mod is a pretty nice mod, is recommended for anyone that would like to play their favorite Minecraft mob, As well as reap the benefits that the mob may have.

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Shape Shifter Z Mod

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