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Shelf Mod – Store all yourtimesconveniently on a shelf, allowing for quick access, and instant recognition of where all of your items are!

Chests are such a bother, especially once you have a ton of items. It’s hard to tell where an item is once you have a bunch of them without labeling them. Once you label them though, it might help, but it removes the elegance from the place, and makes it look all messy. If only there was an elegant way to quickly access items.

Good news! There is! That’s where the shelf mod resolves all your problems! The shelf mod is amodthat allows you to craft a shelf, which can hold 18 item stacks, or 3 rows of 6 items. This is useful for those times where you just need to know where your stuff is, whether it be for mining or PVP, or any other task that requires you to locate your items in a timely fashion.

For example, you could place a shelf behind the entrance of your house, and place allyourarmaments in there for quick encounters, such as a zombie in front of your house, or something like that. Sure, you could place a chest there with your weapons inside it, but let’s say you placed them in a different chest because you were on a mining trip, and wanted to deposit all your items quickly. Your swords and weapons are now in a different chest, and you don’t know where, and in addition, you will waste time opening the chest in front of your door to check. With this mod, you can instantly tell if your sword isn’t there, allowing you to deal with the threat faster.

All in all, this mod is nice, and isdefinitelyrecommended for anyone who would like a more organized way of storing items.

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Shelf Mod

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