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Simply Horses Mod- Ever wanted to be able to have horse that you can ride in Minecraft? Well now you can thanks to this mod!

Simply horses mod adds 5 horses, 3 forms oftransportation, and 9 tools. the five horses added are the wild horses which travel in herds of 5 to 10 lead by a stallion, the Mustang which is a tamed wild horse, theArabianhorse the fastest one of them all, theClydesdale which is pretty much your work horse that pulls your transports, andthere’s the foul which is the outcome of mating two horse’s. The forms of transportation are the Cart which is a movingchestpulled by oneClydesdale, the wagon which is the equivalent of two chest pulled by twoClydesdale, and then there was the vardo which is a wagon you can sleep in pulled by twoClydesdale. The tools are the lasso which you use to catch, tame, steer, tie down animals, and hitch wagons.

The Spawner lasso which is used to spawn horses, the saddle, the bridle used to turn broken horses into mustangs, the shoe which turns broken horses into Arabians, the yoke turns broken horses intoClydesdale, the sower which is attached to aClydesdale it replants seeds and it tills your fields. Thereaper which is attached to aClydesdale it is used to collect wheat.the sugar cube which is used to replenish the horses energy. So ifyou’re a horse person and want a fast form of transportation than this mod is for you.

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Simply Horses Mod

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