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Skyrim Shouts Mod – I used to be a miner like you, then I FUS ROH DAH!


The Skyrim Shouts Mod is a mod in which the famous dragon shouts from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are added so you can use them to your advantage, however you please. Some of the shouts included are Whirlwind Sprint (ability to sprint 20 blocks ahead of you), Unrelenting Force (blow/destroy blocks and blow animals up to 20 blocks ahead), and Kyne’s Peace (all hostile mobs become peaceful).

There are a few more shouts included in this mod, all straight from Skyrim. They all perform exactly how they do in the original game, a definite plus. However, it would have been nice if there were some dragon shouts featured in this mod that would actually help more in Minecraft. Then again there isn’t exactly too wide of a pool of shouts to pull from, so I can’t complain too much about that.

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Skyrim Shouts Mod

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