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Skyrimcraft – Swing your glass sword and FUS ROH DAH all day in Minecraft with this exciting new mod.

The Ender Scrolls: Skyrimcraft adds a slew of new features to Minecraft, all inspired to the immensely popular Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A ton of new weapons, all pulled from Skyrim, make their way to this mod, including

  • Dwarven Dagger
  • Skyforge Sword
  • Steel Sword
  • Glass Dagger
  • Daedric Sword
Weapons are from all types available in Skyrim, as well as in all variants, from the full sword to the dagger form. Multiple miscellaneous items are added as well, such as sweet rolls, leather strips, and Dragon bones. Daedric armor, as well as mobs including Draugr and Giants, make their way in here too. Not only that, but two of the game’s dragon shouts are featured as well, which are Fus Roh Dah, also known as Unrelenting Force, and Strun Bah Qo, which is pictured.

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Skyrimcraft Mod

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