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Sniper Mod – Add several different types of sniper rifles in Minecraft with this mod! Fighting mobs from long distances will no be a breeze!

Long range combat in Minecraft has been quite lacking. There’s not much to do really when it comes to taking on targets from a distance. Sure, you could use a bow and arrow, but the drop rate of the arrow is so high, that it’s extremely hard to snipe anything from a distance. On top of that, it takes more than one shot to kill anything, so that means it’s even harder.

Then there’s the Sniper Mod. The Sniper mod is a mod that adds several different types of sniper rifles in your game, allowing for real long-range engagements. Unlike other mods, which are just reskins of the bow, along with some slight modification to the arrow, the sniper rifles in this mod resemble true sniper rifles. Here’s a list of sniper rifles that have been added:

  • G18
  • M40
  • Barrett M82a1/M107
  • L96
  • Dragunov
  • P99
  • M9
  • Intervention

Quite a list right? Anyways, this mod is incredibly useful survival-wise. Think about it. Rather thanactuallycoming up close to creepers in order to slay them, and risk getting slain yourself, you can just go to a vantage point in your base, and snipe them from long distances, allowing for safeengagements. They will never see it coming!

All in all, this mod is fairly solid, and is also incredibly fun. If you are a fan of first person shooters, or if you just want more weapons in your game, then this mod is for you.

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Sniper Mod

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