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Solar Apocalypse Mod – Ever wanted to start an apocalypse in Minecraft to spice the game up? Then check this mod out!

TheSolar Apocalypse Mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to play hardcore survival in a solar apocalyptic situation in Minecraft. What this mod essentially does, is start an apocalypse were dishonest getting near to Earth, and burning everything. This mod can be activated by crafting a Pandora’s box and placing it and activating it. The Pandora’s box can be crafted with the crafting recipe shown:

As you can see, you can start an apocalypse early in the game, however, it is not recommended to do so. the only way to survive solar apocalypse would be to build everything underground, and never go above ground, or build with obsidian glass as the roof. Obsidian glass can be crafted with the crafting recipe below:

Even though that’s kind of expensive, you can opt for staying underground for the whole the apocalypse has three stages when you activate the Pandora’s box. The first stage is when nothing is happening, and everything is normal. The second stage is when the Pandora’s box for started in mid-smoke, and the grass and leaves will begin to dry up, and disintegrate, meaning that the grass will turn into a dark block, and the lease will be gone. The third stage is when everything will be on fire, the water will be evaporating, and stepping outside unprotected will burn you. It is up to you to survive now.

All in all, this mod is a great mod for people that would like to have a challenge, all while playing in apocalyptic scenarios. Be sure to backup your world so, or startling new world, because this model will destroy the worlds. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Solar Apocalypse Mod

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