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Sophisticated Wolves Mod – Add new breeds of wolves to your game, and make them smarter at, the same time. This mod makes your pet wolf live longer than the average wolfguaranteed.

Are you sick and tired of your wolves not lasting as long as you in battle? Tired of them burning down in flames? Well the Sophisticated Wolves mod solves these problems all at once. Normally your wolves cant be named but this mod adds a dog tag which allows you to name your pet wolf and keep track of his health, for example if the name is white your pets health is normal, if the name is red watch out he may drop dead next time you get into battle. With this mod there is now a specific way to breed your your pets no more accidental puppies, to breed your wolves you need to craft a dog treat and feed one to each of the wolves that you want to breed then watch the magic happen. The wolvesappearancedepend on the biome they spawn in, tiaga wolves are default grey in the forest you can find light brown wolves, you can also find black and dark brown wolves. A normal wolf when set aflame will just run around, but these wolves will stop and shake to put out the flames in a similar way they shake when they get out of water this will increase your dogs lifespan. Here is a scene for you, lets say you are walking in the middle of the night in a thick forest you have your loyal companion with you. Suddenly you hear the familiar ssSSS. Normally your dog will take damage from this, but with this mod your dog gets a little bit of a brain turns tail and runs. Don’t worry hewillgo back to you once the coast is clear. Well look on the bright side wolves will now warn you if a creeper isapproachingthen they run. Don’t you just hate it when your herding animals and your with your wolf, you may accidentally hit one of your cows or sheep, your wolf willimmediatelystart attacking but now there is a way to stop them from attacking all you have to do is hold shift for about five seconds and your good to go. So pretty much your telling your wolf to heel, if you want to temporarily stop an attack just hold it no longer then five seconds. You no longer have to worry about getting “accidentally” being pushed into lava or off of a ladder, your wolf will wait for you to finish your task at hand and then he will approach you. So go ahead and extend your pet wolfs life expectancy, well who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks. Also this mod is not compatible with better than wolves mod and the mo creatures mod, it may make your game to crash you have been warned.

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Sophisticated Wolves Mod

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