Special Armor Mod


Special Armor Mod – Add armor to your game that will help you survive.

Want more armor in your game? Feel like armor should domore than just protect you? Then the Special Armor mod is for you, this mod adds new sets of armor and new helmets and boots that will be extremely helpful. The items that are added by this mod are the cape which allows you to glide, the speed leggings which allow you to run at a faster rate, the divimg helmet which allows you to breathe under water, the fire plate which allows you to swim in lava and inflames you enemies, the heavy boots which make you moves slower but fall faster, i guess these would be useful for when you areminingunderwater. This mod also adds the spring which is used to craft the jump boots that allow you to jump 5 blocks up andreceiveno fall damage, the magic substance which is used to craft magic boots, magic boots affect some of the blocks you may step on for example when you are going to swim the water turns to ice, and ores will break down. The Hover boots allow you to fly over lava and water, and if you are falling you can glide for a short period of time, the obsidian plate makes you take no fall damage, the chain allows you to craft the ingame chain armor, the slime helmet which allows you to climb and stick on the ceiling, the TNT plate with the press of a button allows you to detonate the area around you without taking any damage, the flower plate which will make flowers and grass grow as you walk, the jetpack which allows you to fly if you use speed leggings you are able to fly at a faster pace. Skates make you slower on dry land but on ice you will not slip, the pork armor which heals you half a heart every ten seconds, the cooked pork armor which heals one heart every ten seconds, the time helmet speeds up time, the doublejump boots as the name implies you can double jump allowing you to jump over two blocks, and finally thedispenser plate which allows you to shoot your enemies with arrows automatically if you have arrows in your inventory.

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Special Armor Mod

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