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Special Mobs – Make your game a little harder by adding new mobs and making others stronger.

Do you want to make Miecraft a little harder? DO you want to add more mobs and other modsaren’tsatisfying you? Well with The Super Mobs mod you make Minecrafta littlebit harder and you add new kinds of mobs. This mod adds forty eight new mobs, it adds eight new creepers, eight new ender men,fourghast, five skeletons, twelve spiders, 5 zombies and six zombie pigmen. The eight creepers include the fire creeper which is immune to fire and lava, and when it explodes it leaves some fire behind, the lightning creeper which causes a lightning strike when it detonates, the dirt creeper which makes a clump of dirt when it explodes, the jumping creeper which jumps a ridiculously high height and as soon as it gets close to you it detonates. Other creeper are the doom creeper which is rigged so that when it dies it explodes regardless even though it is a smallerexplosion the armor creeper which is a creeper with leather armor on, the death creeper which is highly explosive and will explode if caught on fire, and for the final creeper the ender creeper which teleport around then blow up close to you, it a may also drop an ancient weapon. The kinds of endermen that are added are the lightning enderman which smites as soon as you make contact with him,Icy Enderman which slows you down when hit, theConfusing Enderman which will mess up your sense of direction,Cursed Enderman which will curse lowering your mining speed the more you are hit the more you are affected.

TheBlinding Enderman which will blind you as youapproach, theMirage Enderman will teleport away but will leave an after image that can attack you,Strike Enderman which will teleport as soon as it lands a hit and has light armor, and the ancient enderman which is pretty much all of the mput together. The types of ghast are the baby ghast which can not shoot flames but will chase you and try to sting you, the unholy ghast that summonsskeletonsto kill you, the queen which spawns ghast and shoots fireballs, and the king ghast that shoots larger fire balls. The types of skeletons that are added are the quick skeleton which moves and fires at a faster rate, the gatling skeleton which shoot two weak arrows every second, the thief every time he strikes you he takes your equipped item, the poison skeleton which poisons you, and the fire skeleton which shoots fire arrows. The kinds of spiders added are the baby spider which is extremely small, the small spider which is the same size as a cave spider, the giant spider, the poison spider, the desert spider, the pale spider, the witch spider inflicts more damage, the speedy spider, the flying spider, theangryspider, thetoughspider, and the mother spider which spawns 5 baby spiders once it is slain. The kinds of zombies that are added are the fast zombie, the fire zombie, theplaguezombie, the hungry zombie, and the fishing zombie. The zombie pigmen include, the angry pigman, the jumping pigman, thefishingpigmen, the charging pigman, theplague pigman, and the hungry pigman.These are all the mobs that this mod adds, so take caution when approaching these beast. The wither skeltons may take characteristics from the newskeletons so good luck.

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Special Mobs Mod

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1.7.10 1.6.4
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