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Spyro Dragon Mod – Add spyro into your game! Make Minecraft much more fun, and at the same time, relive memories of your childhood!

Are you a fan of the Spyro franchise then the SPYRO THE DRAGON MOD is the mod for you it adds seven new mobs and one combat set. The mobs that are added to your game are Spyro the legendary dragon, the hunter which rarely drops a bow when killed zoe the fairy which currently only drops clay but is supposed to be for something extremely powerfull on the next update.Seargeant Byrd is also added by this mod he drops TNT when slained by his enemies to take them down from the grave. Gill grunt which is a peacfull creature and is currently without a weapon, gem thief which is a weak stupid creature that is easily killed but if you kill enough of them you might get a part of there treasure. The. Gnats Gnorc the leader of the gnorcs which is an extremely violent mob which will stop at nothing to kill you so slay or be slain. Gems are an extremely rare drop object which you get from gem thieves and if you stock up enough you can make some sturdy equipment. One of the items you can craft with the gems is the gem sword which is stronger than a diamond sword and has 1000 durability.

Gem helmets which are as durable as chain helmets which you can find in strong holds. The gem chestplate which is as strong as a diamond chestplate, gem leggings which are the equivalent of iron leggings, and to finish it off gem boots which are as strong as gold not worth crafting in my opinion but if you want to have matching armor then build the whole set which will take an extremely long time, unless your extremely persistent. You can also craft a gem block which could be used for decorating purpose. There is a large variety of things you can do with this mod. You could hunt down the gem thieves start your collection, or you could hunt down the legendary spyro and have a battle to the death. You can also fight of the ferocious gnasty gnarc and take his thrown. It’s all up to you and what you want to do in your adventures in MineCraft.

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Spyro Dragon Mod

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