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Star Wars Mod – Relive your memories of the famous Star Wars movies with this mod! Fight the Galactic Empire once more!

I’m a big fan of Star Wars. I always loved the futuristic feel of the movies, and there were times when I was a kid, where i wished I could also take part of some of the quests they used to go on, and meet all the droids and stuff. Knowing me, I would probably have gotten destroyed pretty quick because I was a kid. Anyways, I’m much older now, but I still yearn for the Star Wars feel in the game, and I don’t mean just some texture pack.

I mean a mod. Thankfully, there’s a mod that does just that. That mod is called theStar Wars Mod. TheStar Wars Mod is a mod that makes it so you can reenact scenes in the Star Wars movies. How? Well, this mod isn’t your run-of-the-mill mini modification. This mod adds several new mobs that came directly from the Star Wars movies. On top of that, yuo are the Jedi, and unlike other mods, where all you do is swing a lightsaber, which is actually just a sword with a skin, you actually move the lightsaber around as if it were a real light saber, and on top of that, you can do backflips and use the force.

That’s not it though. this mod also adds a couple of new biomes in your game, and you can even fly the X-wing spaceship! If you really wanted to, you can recreate the whole Star Wars movies with just this mod and video recording software, such as fraps or dxtory. “But wait! What about the other people needed?” Oh, I didn’t mention that this mod also works on servers? Well, now you know!

All in all, this modisvery well made, and I would recommend it to any fan of Star Wars.

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Star Wars Mod

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