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Steampunk Airships Mod – Acquire a new form of transportation for your survival world in Minecraft!

Ever wished you could fly around your Minecraft world, but still maintain the survival aspect of the game? You know, needing to get materials to make an airship of some sort? How about wanting the airship to run off of some form of fuel too to make it slightly more challenging? Then this mod has got you covered

The airship mod is a mod that allows you to craft a steampunk airship that resembles early prototypes of air balloons, and also has a nice vintage look to it. Unlike other mods, or flying around in general, the steampunk airship requires you to gather some materials in order to craft it. On top of that, you will need to have coal on you at all times, or the airship will not fly. This is to still make it challenging to acquire for the survival game mode, yet easy to use in creative mode.

Like real airships, or air balloons, the steampunk airship is fairly slow, and will take some time to ascend or descend, along with a long time to turn and move in general. However, since the steampunkairshipis practicallyindestructible, and nothing can really attack you in the air, unlike using a minecart system to travel back and forth, travelling through the airship is probably one of the most desirable ways to move back and forth between your houses.

Did I mention that the steampunk airship is practicallyindestructible? That’s right! It’s even TNT resistant! This means that you can leave this parked outside of your house without having to worryaboutcreepers blowing it up. Additionally, it’s resistant to collision, so feel free to drive this airship recklessly!

All in all, this mod is recommended for anyone who would like to fly around their world, but at the same time, maintain some balance in their game. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Steampunk Airships Mod

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