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Minecraft’s minecarts have always missed something. It’s like they were missing something really important. Something that would really augment the game in a really cool way. That missing item is minecart customization. This means that it’s possible to “create” a minecart that’s specifically tailored to your needs, such as mining, storage, and stuff like that.

Luckily, there’s a mod for that, and that mod is calledSteves Carts 2!Steves Carts 2 is a mod that adds approximately 20 new minecarts intothegame, all having their own use. For example, this mod adds minecarts that can automatically mine a certain radius for you, minecarts that automatically farm for you, and even minecarts that automatically place rails!

With this mod, the possibilities are endless. For example, let’s say that you want to go on a mining expedition, but need to cater to your farm. Thanks to this mod, you can make minecarts do both of those items for you! For the farm, all you need to do is give a minecart an engine, give it farming attachments and tools, place minecart rails all around your farm, and you’re all set! As for mining, just make a minecart thatautomaticallyplaces rails for you, and then create a mining minecart as well, and watch as both of these minecarts work together and mine tunnels for you!

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and is recommended for anyone who would like to make Minecarts in their game slightly better.


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Steves Carts 2 Mod

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