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Over the past few months of Minecraft, I have found that creepers have become incredibly easy to counter. All you have to do is either fight them from afar with a bow and arrow, or you can time your sword hits accordingly so that you can maintain a safety margin, and slay it with precision. the reason this works is because it only takes a couple of hits to slay a creeper, meaning that it’s actually kind of hard to mess up when it comes to slaying them, unless they catch you off guard, but that’s a different story. Even then, it doesn’t change the fact that creepers are fairly easy.

If you were thinking the same thing, then theSuper Creepers Mod is definitely a mod that you should check out. theSuper Creepers Mod is a mod that completely buffs creepers so that they do a lot more damage, and are harder to kill. For starters, creepers will now start with 25 hit points, as opposed to what they once had. this means that you will have to hit a creeper approximately 7-9 times with a wooden sword in order to slay it, or you will have to punch the creeper 25 times. On top of more health, the explosion radius has been buffed as well. Now, one creeper can completely destroy an NPC village if he were to detonate inside one. On top of that, once the explosion takes place, fire will set everything ablaze around the explosion, meaning that nothing can survive the explosion.

With great risk, comes great reward, however. Creepers will now drop diamonds, rather than gunpowder. One might say that this is overpowered at first glance, but if you think about it, you are risking your life, and all of your items you have on you, just to slay a creeper. In the grand scheme of things, creepers dropping diamonds isn’t really all that overpowered.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and is recommended for anyone who would like to make their game a lot harder, but still maintaining the classic Minecraft look and feel.


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