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Have you ever wanted to be a super hero? Well now you can with the Super Heroes in Minecraft Mod, you can be either Iron man, Thor, Captain america, or the hulk. To become one of these heroes you need to craft the specific armor for that hero, giving you powers unique to each armor. The iron man armor allows you to fly, launch missiles and shoot bullets, you can defeat any enemy with this armor. The thor armor gives you a goatee, allows you to summon lighting to burn your foes to a crisp, throw your hammer with explosive damage, defend your self with your hammer, and soar in the open skies. As captain you can either attack or defend yourself with your patriotic shield, you can launch your shield horizontally dealing damage to your enemies on contact, you also have a gun you can use to slay your enemies. The hulk a furious beast that will stop at nothing, with the hulk armor you retain super human strength, you can jump tremendousheightsand take no fall damage and you can also use the well known hulk smash. With the armor provided to you, you can stop that bad guys and fulfill your childhood dream of being a hero.



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Super Heroes in Minecraft Mod

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1.7.2 1.7.10
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