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Super Mario Mod – Relive your childhood memories of Super Mario Brothers with this mod! Stomp those Goombas once more!

Are you a Super Mario? Then this is the mod for you. This mod adds 19usableblocks,
and 30usableitems including tools, weapons and armor. The blocks available are the: Ground block,Brick block, Decoration block, Underground Ground block,Underground Brick block, Underground Decoration block, Underwater Ground block, Underwater Plant, Snow Ground block, Castle Brick block,Castle Wall block, Empty ? block, Empty Underground, Castle, Invisible blocks. There is also cloud blocks, Pipe part, Pipe opening and a trampoline.

The Tools added by this mod are the ivory tools crafted out of ivory which you can get from killing Goombas, you craft these tools the same as you wouldcraft any other MineCraft tool. There is also a hammer which is the only tool that can harvest the Super Mario blocks. You can craft the hammer with diamond, iron, stone, gold, wood, and ivory. Theusable items that can be crafted are the Super Mushroom which heals 5 hearts, the 1-up Mushroom which heals 10 hearts, the Fireflower which lets you shoot out fireballs similar to a ghast. You can also craft Bob-bombs which are similar to grenades, Starman which give you 30 seconds of invincibility,the pow block which sends enemies up in the air dealing lots of damage. You also craft gold which equals 1 coin , red which equals 5 coins , and blue coins which equal 20 coins, with a 100 coins you can get a 1-up mushroom.

The armor which you can craft is Marios hat allows you to break bricks with your head, a tail(cape) which gives you the ability to fly, Mario Pants which allows you t ojump higher, run faster and take zero fall damage, the mario boots allows you to stomp enemies. There is also Koopa troopa armor which you craft with the shells of the koopa you have slain. There is 6 mobs that are added the Goomba, the Koopa, Boo, Bob-omb, Bullet Bill, and Cheep- Cheeps. Castles and ? blocks are generated randomly through out the the world.

There are many things you can do with this mod for example you can build replica maps of the original mario games, you can make tracks similar to mario kart,and you can make fortresses where you and your friends can have a castledefensebetween each other. Well if you decide to download this mod I hope you have fun and enjoy this mod.

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Super Mario Mod

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