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Are you a good guy or the bad guy? Well if your the good guy this modisn’tfor you, this mod is for those who like the villains in those good old marvel and dc comics. This mod allows you to be either Venom my favorite, loki, and Scarecrow, if you do not know who these villains are then you did not have a good childhood, just kidding Venom is one of spider mans many enemies, loki is the brother of thor one of the residence ofValhalla, scarecrow is one of batmans enemies. If you decide to be Venom you can shoot webs at your opponent be it mob or player and it will deal damage and reel them in for you. InLoki’sbattle armor you have the ability to fly and shoot a chiatauri bolt to damage your enemies, if you are scare crown you can throw fear toxin towards your enemies to disorient and damage them simultaneously. So with these suits you can defeat your nemisis, and get away with those ores you have always wanted to take. So whether you take the path to justice or the path towards destruction good luck, and for those who want to choose the path of justice you can check out the Super heroes in minecraft mod which is similar to this one but you are the good guy.


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Super Villains in Minecraft Mod

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