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Do you want to explore your map quickly but do not want to go in creative mode? Well with the survival wings mod you can fly in survival mode by crafting wings. The survival wings mod adds three new wings that you can craft, it adds the normal wings, the obsidian wings, the sturdy wings, and the speedy wings. The normal wings which isequippedin the chest but they provide little protection against the world, they are also very fragile they will break very easily.The obsidian wings are alot more durable but they are a lot slower then the normal wings. The sturdy wings which is crafted by attaching wings and obsidian wings together is a little less durable than obsidian wings but fly at normal speed. Speedy wings which are crafted with four eyes of ender and a pair of sturdy wings is the fastest set of wings you can use to soar the skies of minecraft, but they are less durable than the sturdy wings. So now with these wings provided to you by the Survival wings mod you can map out your land at a quicker pace and make a hasty retreat whenevernecessary.



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Survival Wings Mod

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