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Swing Aimbot Mod – Automatically swing your sword at nearby enemies!

PVP in Minecraft is kind of hard, especially when you’re fighting with more than one player, or if there’s a horde of zombies chasing you as well. Sometimes, you’re too busy positioning yourself to prevent getting countered or get slain, and you end up not being able to swing you sword due to the overwhelming amount of stuff you have to take into consideration.

This is where the swing aimbot mod shines. The swing aimbot mod is a mod that makes it so you can automatically swing at anything that comes to close to you. All you need to do is initiate by clicking on the animal or player you want to slay, and this mod wil automatically target it, moving your camera involuntarily in order to keep focus on said target. This will allow for you to focus more on repositioning yourself, and not fear of getting charged at.

This mod is really, really useful for survival, and especially useful for 1v1 battles. Let’s say that you’re in a fight with this one guy on a PVP server, and this terrain is very rugged and full of hills. With this mod, all you have to do is target him, and this mod will do the rest, swinging and camera wise. All you need to do at this point is to navigate around the terrain properly in order to prevent getting overrun or outsmarted (if that’s even possible).

In conclusion, this mod is great, and is recommended for you if you adequately play PVP servers and are having a hard time fighting others. Even though this mod is frowned upon by many, it can easily be countered with a bow and arrow, so all is good, and this mod is still fairly balanced.

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Swing Aimbot Mod

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